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Don Brown, CEO, Kanguru SolutionsDon Brown, CEO
Technology in the enterprise context has become increasingly complex today, opening up a Pandora’s box of data security concerns that make businesses vulnerable to breaches and cybersecurity attacks. Securing sensitive data has become more necessary than ever before, and as efforts are reinforced, a considerable number of companies are coming out as proponents of encryption at rest and in transit. At the crux of this transformation toward encryption lies one of the pioneers of data encryption in USB flash drives and hard drives—Kanguru Solutions—a solutions-driven manufacturer and global leader in providing highly-secure, hardware-encrypted USB storage, remote management, and cloud-based endpoint security services, as well as duplication solutions for data protection. “Our goal is to provide convenient and easy-to-use solutions,” asserts Don Brown, the CEO of Kanguru Solutions. “We pay very close attention to the market needs for making efficient and less complex products to secure data and protect information.”

Arriving early in the scene providing flash drives in the U.S., Kanguru’s highly secure military-grade data security solutions and services for cost-effective data protection have become highly sought after today. Most agencies within the U.S. government including enterprise agencies, the military, DoD, DOJ as well as municipalities, use Kanguru’s solutions. They make securing data easy through a wide range of affordable options and remote management capabilities such as the Defender Series of secure, hardware-encrypted USB flash drives, hard drives and solid state drives, each having the 256- bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) hardware encryption. After achieving the Common Criteria certification in December 2014, Kanguru now offers the world’s only Common Criteria/FIPS 140-2 certified secure USB flash drives.

As the only company that has the complete solution which includes the hardware and the software aspects, we will continue to push the best-in-breed of those products

The Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) solution for securing sensitive data differentiates the company from competitors by easing the work processes of IT administrators and managers. KRMC gives businesses the ability to manage and customize all their USB drives from one convenient console either through their servers as a self-hosted option or through the cloud-based security service hosted by Kanguru. A robust solution for organizations, KRMC gives them the ability to track, monitor, manage, and interact with assigned USB drives from anywhere in the world.

What’s more, its cloud-based security solution, the Kanguru Endpoint Protector offers organizations of all sizes seamless control over USB plug-in devices, social media, web content, communications, and mobile devices. The solution doesn’t need a centralized server installation, making it an easy-to-use cloud console. Kanguru has also added an onboard anti-virus, anti-malware engine. The company utilizes the Bitdefender engine to assist customers interested in their users being fully-protected even beyond the anti-virus and anti-malware existing on their host system.

For the future, one of Kanguru’s primary objectives is to add secure private browsing and password management as a part of their encrypted solutions. The company steers ahead with an aim to simplify the solutions to make the implementation process easier for entities, including the single sign-on solution with KRMC for active directory. “We focus on data encryption, data security remote management, and endpoint device management primarily. As the only company that has the complete solution which includes the hardware and the software aspects, we will continue to push the best-in-breed of those products; this is what sets us apart from the crowd, and to that end, we have made product enhancement a major part of our agenda,” concludes Brown.
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Don Brown, CEO

Kanguru Solutions is a U.S.-based manufacturer of hardware encrypted USB flash drives, remote management and cloud-based Endpoint Security services, duplication equipment and more for organizations around the world. Kanguru is committed to offering the highest level of excellence in securing data and protecting information for its customers. The firm’s products include FIPS 140-2 / Common Criteria Certified, hardware encrypted USB Flash Drives, as well as encrypted Hard Drives, and Remote Management for managing sensitive data on assigned USB drives anywhere in the world. Kanguru's products are made of high-quality materials, are TAA Compliant and assembled in our secure U.S. facility unless otherwise stated