IT Security Is Changing, Kanguru Remote Management For Encrypted USB Provides Security & Flexibility

Don Wright, Marketing Manager, Kanguru Solutions

Don Wright, Marketing Manager, Kanguru Solutions

Millis, MA, USA  – The winds of change are moving across  IT departments everywhere, as Coronavirus pushes into its second year of influence on nearly every aspect of business. With the evolving remote work-from-home environment and reduction of conducting business in gathered physical spaces comes a whole new mindset for IT professionals everywhere looking to secure their organization’s data. The challenges come in many forms, including meeting the high demands of industry security regulations like GDPR, SOX and HIPAA, protecting data from breach, preventing cyberattacks, malware, viruses, employee theft/error and data loss.

Protecting Data With Kanguru Defender® Hardware Encrypted USB Drives

Kanguru Solutions has been a long-standing player on the USB data encryption and remote management stage, providing security-conscious organizations with the mobility, flexibility and security needed to secure data and state-of-the-art tools to manage and protect information for nearly 30 years. Using military-grade Kanguru Defender® AES 256-bit hardware encrypted USB drives, organizations from a variety of sectors around the globe have utilized the security and mobility of the Kanguru Defender® Family of Encrypted Flash Drives, Hard Drives and SSDs for their rugged, world-class encryption.  Other Kanguru defenses such as onboard Anti-Virus protect the USB drive using real-time scanning by award-winning BitDefender®, and secure firmware prevents the device from being used as a vehicle by third-party cybercriminals to deliver malware to a network.

As organizations continue to shift toward digital environments, new roles have altered the landscape of IT, including Chief Security Officers or Data Protection Officers. These functions carry the responsibility of ensuring full data protection, IT Security and Cyber security for the organization. Kanguru’s fully-integrated remote management (KRMC™) for hardware encrypted USB makes the job easy, and has been proven time and again as the flagship for data protection and management of secure USB drives, offering a hybrid approach to data security. With the untouchable protection provided by locally-stored data on hardware encrypted USB drives for the end user, KRMC utilizes the best of the internet for convenient management and oversight of secure USB through a secure cloud interface. With Kanguru Remote Management Console(KRMC™), IT Data Security Officers can: 

• Manage, Configure and Customize All Secure USB Drives From One Convenient Console

• Track and Monitor Encrypted USB Drives Worldwide

• Enforce The Organization’s Data Security Policies

• Locate, Communicate and Change Settings For Proprietary Encrypted USB Drives

• Set Up Online and Offline Permissions/Restrictions

• Generate Reports

• Disable/Delete Lost Or Stolen USB Drives

• Notify End Users of Policy Updates and Enforce Password Changes

• And much more

Whitelist Defender® Encrypted Devices for Ideal Device Control with Unique ID at Chip-Level

Additionally, Kanguru Defender Encrypted USB Drives can be trusted and configured for End Point Device Control. Standardize Defender Hardware Encrypted Storage as whitelisted devices to function in your organization with a unique ID at chip-level. This provides a vetted and approved solution to lock networks down, allowing only trusted USB devices for unprecedented data protection and infrastructure.

Why Managing Data Is So Important

The features of KRMC cannot be overstated. KRMC ensures a rugged approach to keeping the organization’s information secure. Not only can KRMC assist IT Specialists in exceeding the high demands of industry security regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, SOX and GLBA, but can also help organizations protect their data from costly and potentially embarrassing data breaches.

The alternative to taking every precaution available to secure data could be a very long and painful process of picking up the pieces and repairing a tarnished reputation after a data breach. Organizations that have experienced large data breaches have become “Public Display #1” in the arena of discomfiture. If an organization survives the publicity and enormous fines associated with a data breach, they may still have to deal with years of working to re-establish relationships and develop new trust from clients and customers. Data is the backbone of any organization, therefore it is imperative to secure and manage data as a top priority.

Security, Flexibility and Mobility

Kanguru understands there are many specific needs and requirements in securing information for organizations large and small. Kanguru offers flexible and affordable options for SMBs, Non-profits and the home, as well as Enterprise-level solutions for large organizations requiring more complex and multi-faceted security. Each solution provides opportunity for growth, change, and expansion.

To learn more about Kanguru’s data security solutions, visit, reach out to our teams at contact us, or call 1-888-KANGURU.