CryptoMove: Decentralization and Moving Target Defense

Top 10 Encryption and Data Loss Protection (DLP) Companies - 2018

Encryption solution providers play an important role in any enterprise’s security today. It has since been a key feature in many security suites as a measure of its efficiency as a technology. But, this does not mean that it has decreased in importance. In today’s business environment where phishing attacks and malware infringements are regular phenomena, quite a few companies conduct threat simulations, assuming the worst possible scenario to combat cybercrimes. Thus, employing encryption algorithms to understand such threats in tandem with standard cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive and private information may go a long way in protecting a company against unforeseen attacks. For the same, organizations can adopt methodologies such as homomorphic encryption, two-factor authentication, and tokenizations to encode the data that is either stored locally or moves through various networks. For instance, the homomorphic encryption method encodes data into ciphertext that can be analyzed and worked upon same as a plain text, making it easier for company’s employees to work upon it and difficult for hackers to decipher it. On the other hand, enterprises can also secure their in-house devices where the data is stored by cryptographically generating encrypted passwords for those digital systems. Similarly, in the hardware-based whole disk encryption technique, the symmetry encryption key is stored independently to the CPU thus removing the memory of the computer as a potential attack vector.

Apart from these encryption techniques, enterprises can also leverage technologies like AI, internet of things (IoT), and blockchain to not only identify the imposters but also alleviate the attacks and safeguard a business’s data.

In this edition of Enterprise Security Magazine, we bring you the top 10 Encryption Solution Providers of 2018. These companies have been selected by a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial board of Enterprise Security Magazine for their unique approach toward data security and encryption.

    Top Encryption and Data Loss Protection (DLP) Companies

  • CryptoMove provides a key management platform for the protection of API keys and other app secrets and provides Data Loss Protection (DLP). This is the world’s first moving target data protection platform, with decentralizing and moving target defence. CryptoMove Tholos is a DevOps security key vault and secrets management product which safeguards API keys, configurations, and other application secrets as services through decentralization and moving target protection. CryptoMove Tholos Key Vault is driven by the patented moving data security technology of the encryption solution provider. Moving objective defence is a game-changing shift in security. Today’s key and secret defence infrastructure is a fixed and easy objective. Attackers have the asymmetrical advantage of the time when they hide their attacks in defence systems and study defence infrastructure. Moving defence, by dynamizing the attack surface and imposing costs on attackers, flips up this asymmetrical advantage.

  • Forsta is a team of people working with smart business to provide cutting-edge technology for companies that need encryption solution and data protection. The company helps companies embed, expand, and customize secure cooperation into their business applications–by integrating them into familiar client experiences and applications, removing the complexities of secure collaboration. Forsta’s platform utilizes end-to-end encryption protocol for signals from Open Whisper Systems and provides APIs and SDKs to make fast integration into existing business environments easier. The client companies can use Forsta’s technology solution to operate in their environment to ensure maximum security and control of data. For all major platforms and live chat, Forsta delivers fully featured messaging applications for secure communication from any website through chat, voice, file sharing, and video.

  • GEOBRIDGE Corporation, one of the leading encryption solutions providers, offers cryptography and key management, payment security, compliance, and HSM Virtualizing solutions and services. GEOBRIDGE was established in 1997; the company’s offering includes cryptography and payment applications for payment processors, financial institutions, and retail companies. Its customers include several of the Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, health care organizations, and government agencies throughout North America and from around the world. GEOBRIDGE builds trust with their customers by alleviating their risks and offers them services including data protection, program development, enforcement, and governance.

  • Kanguru is the leading manufacturer of secure USB encrypted hardware, portable data storage of high quality, fully integrated secure remote management, duplicating equipment, and encryption solutions for companies from around the world. Kanguru is committed to ensure data security and protect customer information at a higher level of excellence. The products of Kanguru comply with TAA standards. Corporate clients of the company include government, military, corporations, healthcare, energy, utilities, and financial institutions. For small to medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) and home companies, they provide flexible and affordable encryption solutions. By consistently developing dynamic, advanced, comfortable products, services, and support, Kanguru is committed to supporting everyone around the world in the maintenance of good safety policies.

  • AppRiver


    AppRiver offers cloud-based email protection and encryption solutions. With a 4,500 reseller community serving more than 60,000 companies worldwide, AppRiver is the first-ever provider of cloud cybersecurity and productivity services. The company has added web security solutions, security of archiving, and email continuity solutions to its cloud-based security suite, which was launched in 2002 with spam and virus filtering as their flagship service. AppRiver has business operations in operates in Georgia, Texas, Canada, Switzerland, and Spain. It provides Office 365 and secure hosted exchange solutions worldwide. All services are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis and with award-winning 24/7 white-glove Phenomenal Care® customer service.

  • DataLocker


    DataLocker is a well known innovative encryption solution provider. Products of DataLocker secure sensitive data by 256-bit military encryption. The company offers both hardware-based external storage and software-based cloud storage encryption options with a broad range of products. No software or drivers are required to manage, encrypt, or decrypt data for hardware-based products. DataLocker’s technology makes it easy for some of the rigid governmental regulations to be complied with. The company has worldwide acceptance in governments and militaries across the world. Its products are used to ensure, store, and transfer confidential data in other industries including legal, finances, and healthcare.

  • DataMotion


    DataMotion, Inc. provides email encryption solutions for businesses. Businesses can exchange email, files, and other information easily, securely, and effortlessly with cloud partners and clients using security solutions from the company. The easy-to-use solution for encrypted e-mails, file transfer, customer contact, form processing, and direct project use a core, secure data delivery platform. Millions of global companies in industries such as healthcare, financial services, and government rely on DataMotion to improve operating efficiency, reduce cost while reducing security and compliance risks. The DataMotion Platform has integrated secure information delivery solutions to create efficient workflows in leading banks, insurance firms, system integrators, federal states, and healthcare technology companies.

  • Equinix


    In most interlinked data centers, Equinix, Inc. offers customers endless opportunities in data protection. Equinix, as a global interconnection leader, builds a high level of confidence by using their high-end encryption solutions that offer a higher level of security and data protection. The company brings together companies in 48 markets in five continents to develop new opportunities and speed up their business, IT, and cloud strategies. Interconnection is essential for success in a digital economy in which business models are increasingly interdependent. The company is positioned strategically with leading industrial data centers; in one single, global interconnection platform, it brings market leaders and innovators together to help build a digital future.

  • Gemalto


    Gemaltoensures digital security that allows reliable connections for companies involved in digital interactions. In this modern business world, the encryption solution provider offers digital identity and data protection technology particularly for banks, exchange funds, people cross borders, and drivers. Gemalto protects companies, governments, and individuals from data violations and connected security thefts across continents. The company provides reliable and secure digital services for companies in 180 countries, allowing its customers to enjoy their digital services. The company concentrates on two key technologies–digital identification and data protection, which counter cyber attacks, identity theft, and unencrypted data from both root sources.

  • Ironclad Encryption

    Ironclad Encryption

    Innovation and leadership of next-generation data encryption security are provided by IronClad Encryption (ICE). The encryption solution company strengthens existing data protection methods with strategic and tactical solutions. With both proactive and reactive techniques, ICE’s unique patented technology helps its customers reduce risks, manage adherence, and achieve the necessary peace of mind. The technology for IronClad Encryption enhances secret key algorithms. The company’s corporate solutions enhance the efficiency of current encryption products, making the stored and transmitted data almost impossible to compromise. The ability to continuously verify encrypted data transmitted and to create much stronger defenses for many hacker assaults is one of IronClad Encryption’s unique features. Today, many companies shift their focus to the increasing number of data theft and security violations, along with new and pendent legislation, making data security the top priority.